Car batteries have come along way over the years but to get the most out of your battery still requires some basic care.

Extending your battery life with good maintenance is easy and comes down to a few simple steps

1. Avoid a flat battery

Car batteries fall apart quickly when they’re left flat, so make sure it regularly charged. Even a battery not being used at all will slowly go flat over a few months.

If you normally only drive a short distance then consider a longer trip every few weeks (ideally over an hour) and if you’re not driving at all then it’s even more important that the car gets a good drive from time to time.

Be careful using power without the engine running. If you’re parked somewhere but still using the electrical things in your car, you can keep the engine running to avoid flattening the battery.

Of course the best option for keeping your battery charged is just with an automatic car battery charger. If your car isn’t getting much use then connect it up every month or so to make sure the battery remains in top condition.

2. Keep your battery clean and secure

Your car battery won’t work if it’s not properly connected to your car and a big concern is corrosion around the terminals, so keep an eye out for any build up – especially blue-green powder and make sure to clean it off.

The other thing to worry about is vibrations which could damage the internal structure of your battery so make sure that your car battery is well secured.

3. Get your battery tested regularly

You can get your car battery checked out for free at any Marshall Batteries store around Australia, so drop for a free car battery test, of if required a new car battery!

Car batteries don’t last forever, but with these basic care tips you should get the most out of your battery. And if it ever goes flat or needs replacing then Tasmanian Roadside Assistance is on standby 24/7 across Tasmania to come out to you and get you back on the road!