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Our Mission

To provide a complete and professional 24 hour roadside emergency assistance solution for the entire state of Tasmania from one of our six outlets around the state. A service that you only pay for when you need it.

Our solution

A complete roadside assistance program that operates around the clock 24/7, whether you need a battery or a jump start, perhaps your out of fuel or that flat tyre is not your thing.... we're there anytime, anywhere.

Our Values

We are a wholly owned, proud Tasmanian company that has been operating and servicing the people of Tasmania since 1985, we love our state and put our service levels above all else.

TRA is a wholly owned Tasmanian Company that has been servicing the Tasmanian community since 1985, we have decades of experience within our team from battery expertise as well as auto electrical and mechanical trades.

TRA has been developed as an extension of our battery business Tasmanian Batteries Pty Ltd which has been servicing the battery needs of Tasmanian’s since 1985. With the developments in automotive technologies the need for total roadside assistance has increased dramatically which has been the driver in establishing TRA a truly TASMANIAN roadside assistance company supporting TASMANIAN'S 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

So if you have a flat battery, tyre, run out of fuel or locked your keys in the car then call your TASMANIAN roadside assistance company that will get you going anywhere, anytime.

Our Mission
  • Create stronger market awareness
  • Build a reputation for excellence in service
  • Be professional in the delivery of the customer service offering
  • Develop dynamic and efficient systems to support the business activity in an ever-changing market.
  • Create a highly profitable and progressive business
  • Provide a fair and reasonable reward for all TRA staff
  • Create a dynamic retail culture and become an employer of choice
  • Exceed competitor service levels and standards
  • Provide our customers with sound technical advice and expert servicing
  • Promote an inter-active culture that encourages employees, contractors and suppliers to make continuous suggestions for improvement
  • Equip staff and contractors with ongoing training programs
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