2285764.jpgTasmanian Roadside Assistance is ensuring our Customers’, Clients’ and Providers’ health and safety is paramount, especially in these unprecedented times. Therefore we would like all our customers to be aware of the following hygiene standards when attending to our customers for Roadside incidents.

Our Hygiene Standards

To minimise COVID-19 and other infections, please update your teams immediately to ensure they follow the standards below:
  • All Roadside vehicles/staff to have fully stocked hygiene kits (antibacterial wipes, disposable rubber latex gloves and alcohol based sanitiser). These kits are used pre/post every customer visit, interaction with vehicle and with any public interaction (e.g. Roadside Assist, Towing; etc)
  • Disposable rubber latex gloves are worn at every customer appointment
  • Use soap and water for hand washing at every other opportunity
  • Implement Social Distancing and avoid physical contact with our customers and the greater general public (maintaining 1.5m between our customer/ others, no greetings to involve handshaking, hugging or kissing).
  • Personal hygiene - wipe down steering wheels, mobile phone, remote controls (high touch areas); pay using card/mobile rather than cash; wash hands before and after every meal; wash hands after visiting the bathroom; regularly wash uniforms, clothes, sheets & pillow cases.
  • Referral and Indemnity Forms – Ensuring that social distancing guidelines are kept. If a Customer or Dealer cannot sign documentation, please ensure photos of vehicles are taken and that customers acknowledge verbally. If and where possible, include comments in Job Completion of any occurrence of this.
  • Sleep - prioritise 8 to 9 hours
  • Nutrition - eat foods that help immunity; very minimal alcohol

On-Site Hygiene Practices

  • No shaking of hands and observe social distancing guidelines
  • Regular hand washing with soap must be conducted throughout the day
  • Do not share food or drinks
  • Mouths and noses are to be covered when sneezing and coughing
  • Social Distancing applied at all times
  • Vehicles must be cleaned at the end and start of each shift 

If you have any questions please give us a call on 1800 872 000